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Technology, oh how how I love you. But this pursuit of my passion can sometimes bite me in the ass. With a smartphone you can now have your own automated warning system—for free.
There is a catch though, because NOTHING is for free.

Israeli startup NEXAR has released the newest capabilities for its mobile app, which watches the road ahead and predicts when a crash is likely. It makes use of your phone’s camera, accelerometer, and gyroscope, noting when you pump the brakes, where you are in space, and whether other vehicles are nearby. It relies on machine learning to interpret that data, so the more experience the app gets on the road, the better it becomes at spotting problems and warning drivers.

Meaning, yes: It constantly collects data on your life in the car, sending it back to the mothership (OK, data center) in Israel via cellular networks.

Have unlimited data? If not you might not want to run it. Read Review Here

Read Wired review for more details and why you might not want to download this app if you are worried about your privacy.

Happy Driving!!

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